High quality vs low quality mattress materials: can you spot the difference?

Have you ever bought a mattress that lasted just a few years before it started to sag, fray, rip or dip?

This happens frequently with low quality mattresses because they are constructed using substandard materials. And while you may think the hefty price tag must reflect the quality, remember this is likely the result of big margins being added by distributors and retailers.

Because we manufacture locally and sell direct to customers at each of our stores, the prices of our mattresses directly reflect the high quality materials we use and the time it takes to produce each product.

Like achieving the perfect balance of ingredients when you make a delicious meal, every layer of a Makin Mattresses mattress incorporates a material that ultimately helps to provide a superior sleep experience…


We use several different types of foam in our mattresses to achieve the various comfort levels our customers desire (soft, medium and firm).

Supplied exclusively by Australian companies, our high quality foams are carefully selected and incorporated as luxury layers between the mattress’s support core and your body.



Similar to foam, there are many different types of latex – each with its own unique quality. We only use the highest quality latex because it is hypo-allergic, anti-microbial, and ultra-resilient.

Our most superior latex product is found in our Bellissimo Duo mattress. This features a 7-zone European latex core, where latex density is adjusted to meet the unique needs of each zone of your body as you sleep:

  • head and neck
  • shoulders and upper back
  • lumbar support
  • pelvic zone
  • knees
  • lower legs
  • feet and ankles

This offers a huge range of benefits such as correct spinal alignment, elimination of pressure points and the unnatural compression of disks, and reduced motion transfer across the mattress so your partner’s movements do not disturb you while you sleep.

European latex is also extremely durable and luxurious, which is why it is one of the most expensive latex products on the market.


Poly wool comfort layer

Poly wool is a sublime combination of polyester and wool that adds another level of comfort to our mattresses.

Our poly wool comfort layer also helps to keep the mattress cool in summer and warm in winter.

To experience the Bellissimo mattress, or any of our other high quality mattresses for yourself, visit your local Makin Mattresses store.

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