Standard terms & conditions.


As the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of MAKIN MATTRESSES products in Australia, MAKIN MATTRESSES Pty Ltd will handle all service, warranty related affairs.

The product is guaranteed for any faults or defects in workmanship and parts in the warranty period. Defects that occur within this warranty period, under normal use and adherence to care Instructions will be repaired or replaced at our discretion, solely at our option relating to charges for parts or labor.

MAKIN MATTRESSES reserve the right to replace the product or component with the same or equivalent product or component, as is available within the current Replacement or repair of product does not extend or restart the warranty period.

The benefits conferred by this warranty are in addition to all rights and remedies in respect of the product that the consumer has under the Trade Practices Act and similar state and territory laws.


This product has been manufactured to the highest quality standards and Is warranted to the original purchaser. This warranty is not transferable.

Please keep your purchase docket or receipt as proof of purchase and as proof of the date on which the purchase was made. The purchase docket or receipt must be presented with the warranty when making a claim under this warranty. If in the event the receipt of purchase is not presented, then this warranty is invalid.


Under normal warranty conditions the product can be returned to original place of purchase or nearest Makin Mattresses outlet for service.

Makin Mattresses delivery service operates within 45km radius of store, customers will need to arrange a quote for service outside of this area (where possible), or arrange their own transport at their own expense, in this case the customer is responsible for correct packaging to ensure no damage occurs to the product during transit. Also make sure you have included an explanation of the problem.


In the event that no identical product is available for service or repair, Makin Mattresses has the right to replace the product/component with a product of equal capacity or offer the customer the choice of a product upgrade which may incur an extra cost.

This warranty does not cover any defect caused by an accident, misuse, abuse, improper installation, lack of reasonable care, tampering or attempted repair by a person not authorized by Makin Mattresses.

Warranty is void if the product is presented in an unhygienic state.

This warranty does not apply whilst residing outside Australia.

Body impressions
– Body impressions appear as indentations on the surface of any new mattress where foams and upholstery levels settle. Generally, body impressions are considered normal and are not a structural defect. Body impressions indicate the mattress is performing appropriately, contouring to your body shape for comfort. Flipping and rotating your mattress according to the Care Instructions will ensure the mattress has even wear.
– Whether a body impression qualifies as a product defect or not, is solely determined by Makin Mattresses. This is measured by removing all bedding covering the mattress and placing a straight edge (such as a broom) across the bed. The gap underneath this is then measured. You may be asked to do this.
– Generally, a height loss that is considered normal is 25-35mm for a non-pillow-top mattress and 35-50mm for a pillow-top mattress. It is not unusual to see deeper body impressions in pillow-top mattresses. The degree of the body impression will depend on the mattress comfort layers and your body shape.

All mattresses are to be flipped and rotated, full surface utilized, in accordance with care instructions.

All removable pillow tops/ Duo tops are to be flipped and rotated, full surface utilized, in accordance with care instructions.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure maintenance is carried out on ensemble bases and furniture; damage caused by parts becoming loose, or use of an incorrect base (must be on a firm, level slatted base), will not be covered by the warranty.

Makin Mattresses reserves the right to inspect all product being claimed against, no further action will be taken until Makin Mattresses has been given the chance to determine existence and cause of fault.

During inspection it is the customers responsibility to arrange alternate bedding, in the interest of good health and hygiene Makin Mattresses do not supply bedding in the interim.

Makin Mattresses excludes all other warranties, conditions, terms, representations and undertakings whether express or implied, except those relating to clause 1.4