Delivery information – Online Customers.

Makin Mattresses use either their own delivery trucks and drivers or a third party to deliver your mattress. We deliver to areas that are within our standard delivery area and on special request a quote can be provided for delivery out of these standard areas, please contact your nearest store for a quote.

Delivery times

Deliveries are made between Monday-Friday 7am-4pm. A time will be confirmed with the purchaser prior to the delivery day. A two (2) hour window will be advised and we do our best to adhere to this time frame, noting unavoidable delays that are out of our hands, all efforts to contact the purchaser will be made regarding any delays.

Guide for successful delivery

Is your mattress going to fit through your homes doorways and lift wells? Please see our guide for delivery below.

Storage & missed deliveries

Please note: if you miss your scheduled delivery, you may be charged a re-delivery fee. We always arrange a suitable time for delivery, agreed by the purchaser, it is then the purchasers responsibility to be available to receive the delivery.

You are entitled to collect your purchase from your nearest store if delivery is missed within 14 days of the scheduled delivery time.

Assembly of products

Unfortunately no assistance with assembly is provided unless special circumstances are previously discussed and agreed to with the store completing the delivery. A fee for assembly may be applicable. NB: you are responsible for the products fitting the intended area, as well as through passages, hallways and lifts.

A guide for delivery of your mattress / furniture.

Congratulations on your Makin Mattresses purchase. I ensure a smooth delivery of your new product/s please read through the following information.

If you complete a purchase via the Makin Mattresses website, you have agreed to the terms and conditions and have checked that receiving the goods will be possible. You also understand that if a product can not be delivered due to access you may be charged for redelivery or a refund may be processed at the discretion of Makin Mattresses Pty Ltd. This refund will not include the delivery and restock fee of your purchase if delivery was attempted.

Follow our step-by-step instructions to measure your homes doorways, hallways, stairways and lifts.

Measure the height and width of the entryways. Make sure that there is a clear and unobstructed path in front of and beyond each doorway. Make note of any fixtures, decorative moldings, interior walls, ceiling heights, stairwells and banisters that may pose an obstacle once inside.

Review the measurements of the product to be delivered and determine if it can go straight through the entryways, or if it will have to go in at an angle or on its end.

Refer to the product dimensions here include the width, depth and height.

Some further considerations:

Consider your entry options – think about which door offers the easiest door and the interior height, width and depth. For apartment/townhouse buildings, find out if you have access to a service entrance/lift.

Lifts – measure the height and width of the elevator door and the interior height, width and depth.

Clearing the path – Consider removing these common obstacles before delivery or include them in your measurements if they cannot be removed; light fixtures, handrails, wall art or decorative items/hall furniture.

Stairways – Start by measuring the width of your stairway. Next measure your ceiling height in 3 locations: 1) from the bottom step to the ceiling 2) from the landings to the ceiling and 3) from the top step to the ceiling. Finally, measure the width and depth of any landings. If the top to bottom of the stairway leads into a wall instead of an open space, measure the distance from the stairs to the wall.

Mattress and base size guide

Mattress size cms Width x Length Inches Width x Length
Single 91 x 188cm 36 x 74”
King Single 107 x 203cm 42 x 80”
Long Single 91 x 203cm 36 x 80″
3/4 Single 107 x 188cm 42 x 74″
Double 137 x 188cm 54 x 74”
Queen 153 x 203cm 60 x 80”
King 183 x 203cm 72 x 80”
Super King 203 x 203cm 80 x 80”


Hotel Motel Mattress Depth 20.5cm

Perfect Posture Mattress Depth 22.5cm

Siesta Mattress Depth 22.5cm


All bases are either 23cm for low profile or 30cm for high profile or a base with storage drawers. With the addition of castors / feet this adds an additional 10cm to the base height. Feet/castors are not transported attached to the base.

Base width and length are as per the corresponding mattress size.

A double, queen, king and super king size base with 4 storage drawers comes in two pieces, split through the length-ways middle.

Bases without storage drawers in sizes single, king single, ¾ single, long single, double and queen are a single piece.

All king and super king bases with or without drawers comes as two pieces.