Our Pocket Spring Mattresses

The pressure point relief, Pocket Spring support system.

Our Pocket Spring mattresses reduce partner disturbance for a bounce free sleep. The Pocket Spring support unit is made from individually wrapped coils that work and compress independently. This allows the reduction of excess movement which results in a more restful sleep. The Pocket spring system also supports the back where needed most, relieving pressure point pain.

The modern spring support system comes in a number of zoned support varieties, most commonly the 5 zone support system targeting head/neck, shoulder, back/hips, legs and ankles. This ensures that stronger coils are supporting the heavier areas.

All our mattresses are double sided so you can flip the mattress over giving you new sleep surface, this also gives one side time to recover from nightly compression. Longer lasting comfort for a higher quality sleep.

Natural Comfort Wool Makin Mattresses
Pocket Spring Support Unit for individual comfort