Established in 1975, Makin Mattresses is Australia’s largest independent mattress manufacturer.

We love local, which is why we design, manufacture and deliver our mattresses direct to customers from our 10 locations across the country.

Mattresses are our livelihood and we have invested more than 45 years in testing and refining our mattress components, so that we can offer you a proven and superior product. All of our mattresses are handmade, and meticulously crafted so they enjoy a long life.

We are not a franchise and do not distribute to retailers, which is why our prices have no retailer mark up.

At a Makin Mattresses store, you will find a full range of mattresses to suit every shape, size and personal preference. And because we manufacture locally and deliver quickly, you could be sleeping on your new mattress in a matter of days.

Visit your local store to meet your friendly Makin Mattresses team.

Bellissimo mattress by makin mattresses australia

What you get from us

  • Superior quality mattresses to suit every size, shape and personal preference
  • Accessories to maximise the full Makin Mattresses experience
  • Hands-on demonstrations that prove why we’re better
  • Innovative mattress technology
  • Local manufacturing
  • In-stock, delivery within days
  • Expert, friendly team
  • Relaxed, enjoyable environment
  • Direct after-sales service
  • No hidden costs, gimmicks or tricks
  • No retail mark up (our everyday price is less than a retailer’s 50% off price)
  • No inflated prices on products to absorb interest-free fees

50% of our customers are referred by another happy customer

The amount of sleep required by the
average person is five minutes more.

Wilson Mizner