3/4 Single Size Mattress – mattress dimensions

Through our years of experience, we have created mattresses to suit all sizes, comfort and budgets.

Below we look at our standard 3/4 Single Size Mattress dimensions.

Australian Standard Mattress Sizes

All our mattresses follow the Australian standard mattress size. Though we can custom make a mattress, tailored to your vintage antique bed or a caravan or camper our retail mattress range size is standard.

3/4 Single Size Mattress measurements: The 3/4 single mattress is the same length as a single mattress but has 16cm additional width.

  • Length: 188cm, 1880mm or 74inch
  • Width: 107cm, 1070mm or 42 inches
  • Depth is variable by product anywhere from 20-40cms.
Australian standard three quarter 3/4 mattress size

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Australian Standard Mattress Dimensions

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