What retailers
won’t tell you.


Don’t be fooled by these misleading tactics used by retailers that will end with you paying more money for less mattress.

Single Sided Mattress

Cheap manufacturing method. Half the life, half the support & comfort.

Most mattress retailers sell single sided mattresses, this is a cheaper way to manufacture a mattress. A single sided mattress has half the life, half the support and comfort of a double sided mattress. Intentionally designed for early failure, necessitating early replacement.

All Makin Mattresses mattresses are double sided. Twice the life, twice the support & comfort.

Buyer Beware mattress

Fake Sales – Phoney Discounts

Marking up to mark down.
Retailers offering mattresses thousands of dollars off or reduced by 50%. These mattresses never cost that much in the first place. The sale price is the price of the mattress.
Don’t be fooled by the phoney discount strategy into thinking the mattress is worth more than you are paying. It’s NOT!No gimmicks. Authentic manufacturers prices, every day.

Imported Mattress

May contain carcinogenic materials. Built down to a price, not up to a standard.

These mattresses are imported in a compressed state.
They do not have edge supports. NO edge supports means the side of the mattress will collapse creating a “rolling off” feeling.
International foam manufacturers DO NOT have to comply with the same safety standards as Australian foam manufacturers.
There have been reports of chemicals being used that have the potential to be carcinogenic.
Do you want you or your children to lie with your face next to a surface for eight hours breathing what may be carcinogenic fumes? ASK where the mattress is manufactured. Do not fall for the designed in Australia story.

Makin Mattresses, not only Australian made but, made locally.

Single Sided Attached Pillow Top

Inherently Defective – Planned Obsolescence. Necessitating early replacement.

An attached pillow top can look and feel plush in store but after a few months when the pillow top section fails the whole mattress needs replacement.
With the comfort and support being in one unit, the whole mattress requires replacement due to body impressions and failed comfort layers.

Makin Mattresses manufacture two part mattresses. Separate comfort and support modules, each component can be flipped and rotated.

Soft Mattress

Fifteen minutes of soft in store seduction, at home becomes an eight hour hot sweaty nightmare.

These soft feeling mattresses have layers of foam in the top to create the soft feel. These soft mattresses will become HOT to sleep on.
Hot sleep can cause nightmares and will cause increased perspiration and sweat. The perspiration will permeate the layers of foam causing the foam to degrade and flatten.
What seems comfortable in store can become an expensive nightmare at home.

Makin Mattresses, Mattresses designed for maximum air circulation & breath-ability.