Makin Mattresses have been manufacturing beds since 1975. Our aim is to always supply excellent quality mattresses at the lowest price otherwise we wouldn’t put our name on it.

Throughout our years of experience, we have created the perfect mattress to suit hotel/motel style accommodation needs.

Utilising fire-retardant fabric, double-sided construction for longer use, removable pillow tops for extra comfort and bases to match your décor and needs.

Our Bedding Options and Features

We understand the fine line between providing the most comfortable stay for your guests and balancing a budget therefore we offer four levels of features and cost for our commercial clients.

Hotel mattress commercial motel accommodation

Classic Pocket Spring model utilises a pocket spring support system to minimise partner disturbance. Lightweight and durable, the Classic Pocket model promotes air circulation ensuring guests a cooler nights sleep.

Hotel mattress commercial motel accommodation

Commercial Spring Model utilised a zoned spring unit for additional back support and extra foam layers for a more comfortable sleep. Specially designed for larger customers (100kgs+).

Hotel mattress commercial motel accommodation

Deluxe Pocket Spring model contains the exact features of the Classic Pocket Spring model, but with one important difference – the mattress is finished in our premium indulgence fabric, providing that extra comfort factor and a prominent luxurious feel and quilted cover containing a 50mm polywool and 18mm foam.

Hotel mattress commercial motel accommodation
Hotel mattress commercial motel accommodation

NEW Bellissimo Commercial

Superior quality mattresses to suit every size, shape and personal preference

All the quality of our Bellissimo mattress now available as a commercial product. designed to suit a wide range of guests looking for superior comfort without compromise. The Bellissimo Commercial features a 5 zone pocket spring support system and our exclusive micro coils to create unmatched comfort and breathability.

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