Bed in a box…why not?

The internet has brought us many wonderful things in the past couple of decades: entertainment on demand, social networks that connect us with long lost friends, information at our fingertips, and more.

When it comes to Australian companies, the internet has made it easy for trusted brands to offer customers new ways to browse and buy from their product ranges anytime and from anywhere.

However, the internet has brought many disadvantages too: trolls, spam, misinformation, cyber crime and other nasties.

When it comes to the space that is closest to our hearts (making mattresses!), one of the consumer disadvantages we’ve been saddened to see is the sharp rise in pseudo Australian manufacturers that operate 100% online.

Clever marketing tactics would have you believe they are Australian, authentic, and just down the road. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case.

The classic example of this is the “bed in a box” product.

Once upon a time, these were the types of products you could only buy through direct mail advertisements tucked in with your junk mail. Now, bed in a box manufactures permeate your internet search with outrageous claims about the supposed quality and longevity the mattress can provide.

If you’ve ever contemplated a “bed in a box”, here are a few insights that may make you think twice before clicking the buy button…

They’re cheap because they’re cheap

 For a bed to be shipped in a box, it must be compressed. The only way to achieve this is to make it from almost 100% foam.

2 or 3 pieces of foam stuck together does not create a quality mattress that will properly support you or stand the test of time. In fact, this type of mattress can be compared to the type you may buy for a young child who is very light and will likely outgrow it in a couple of years.

They’re usually one-sided

Often manufacturers take shortcuts to keep their prices down – and this includes making mattresses that are only functional on one side.

If you see “half off” on a single sided mattress, consider that you’re actually getting half the life, half the comfort, and half the support.

They do not have edge supports

Mattress compression is only possible if there are no pesky inclusions (such as edge supports) to restrict it.

Edge supports are very important for mattresses, because they stop the mattress collapsing over time so you don’t end up sinking into the middle or feel like you are rolling off the side.

They’re usually imported

There are many ways to say a company or product is Australian when it’s not.

When a mattress comes in a box, it’s best to imagine it arriving in Australia in a shipping container where it collects dust in a local warehouse until you purchase it and get your “next day shipping”.

They’re often difficult to return

Don’t be fooled by claims about “no fuss returns”. Simply do your research to find hundreds of examples of disappointed customers that tried to return a bed in a box mattress only to find it costly, time consuming, or extremely difficult.

The only way to really trust a mattress is to try it before you buy it. A mattress is such a personal and significant addition to your home and well-being, it’s worth the time to test it out in store.

Read more here about our Natural Comfort Wool mattress. Similar price to the ‘bed-in-a-box’ market but with some many long lasting features like double-sided sleep surface, pocket spring support and quality comfort layers, backed by a store front so you have someone to speak to if you have any questions or need a little extra advice.