Do adjustable mattresses really offer a better night’s sleep?

If you’ve ever propped up your pillow to read or watch TV from the comfort of your bed, or used cushions to elevate your feet while sleeping, you may benefit from the flexibility and support that an adjustable bed base and mattress provides.

Once used exclusively in healthcare, adjustable bed bases have become highly popular in homes across Australia – valued for their ability to combine comfort and wellness while alleviating back pain, circulatory issues, and digestive complaints.

There are no shortage of quality adjustable bed bases on the market, with basic models capable of raising or lowering the feet and head, and advanced models overflowing with features such as pre-set positions, programmable memories, LED nightlights, and more.

Unfortunately, what many people find when they purchase an adjustable bed is that although the manufacturer specialises in cutting edge bed-making technology, they’re certainly not a mattress specialist. Out-of-the-box adjustable bed and mattress combos often leave their purchasers wanting more – be it due to a lack of comfort or that the quality of the mattress simply doesn’t last.

Adjustable Mattress Bellissimo by Makin Mattresses

Introducing the Bellissimo Adjustable Mattress

We’ve heard our customers’ pain in trying to find an adjustable mattress they love, so we decided to make one!

Based on our much loved Bellissimo mattress range, we’ve invested in developing a state-of-the-art adjustable mattress that is:

  • double-sided for twice the life, support and comfort of a single-sided mattress
  • available in pocket spring or latex design (Bellissimo Duo or Duet)
  • available in soft, medium and firm comfort levels
  • customisable to fit any adjustable bed base size

We can also custom-make a Natural Comfort Wool mattress (in soft, medium or firm) as an adjustable mattress for customers seeking an entry-level double sided pocket spring mattress.

Unlike many of the out-of-the-box adjustable mattresses that come with adjustable bed bases, our Bellissimo Adjustable Mattresses are not designed to fail early and require replacement.

Complete with our Australian made guarantee and 5-year Comfort Promise, our adjustable mattresses are engineered for maximum durability while offering all the luxurious comfort that our Bellissimo range is known and loved for.

Is an adjustable mattress right for you?

If you’ve never owned an adjustable mattress before, here are 7 ways that it can enhance your sleeping experience and aid in better health…

  1. Elevate your upper body for reading or watching TV (no more propped up pillows and straining your back or neck!).
  2. Relieve snoring and sleep apnoea, as elevation opens your airways.
  3. Alleviate acid reflux and improve digestion.
  4. Enhance circulation – ideal for people who spend all day on their feet or have circulatory issues.
  5. Ease back pain and muscle soreness, as you can manipulate the mattress to find your perfect sleeping position.
  6. Aid in recovery from surgery, as you can add support or elevation where it’s needed.
  7. Find your ideal sleep position for optimal relaxation.

If you believe you would benefit from the flexibility and support that an adjustable mattress can provide, simply head to your local Makin Mattresses store to experience one for yourself!

Please note we do not sell adjustable bed bases, only superior quality adjustable mattresses.