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How long ago did you purchase your previous mattress?

Why did you buy a new mattress?

Have you or someone you know purchased from Makin Mattresses previously?
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What was the most important factor in your decision to visit the Makin Mattresses store?

What was the most important factor in your decision to purchase your new mattress?

Were there any other influencing factors?

Did you visit the Makin Mattresses website before coming in store?
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Did you find the Makin Mattresses website easy to navigate?
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Do you have any feedback or recommendations on how we could improve our website?

In the past month have you seen a Makin Mattresses Television commercial?
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What kinds of mattresses did you consider for your new mattress?
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 Pocket Spring
 Air  Water bed  Foam  Other

What is the most important quality for you in a new mattress?

Please rate your overall satisfaction of the following

Courtesy and friendliness of the staff
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Availability of the product
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Product knowledge
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Understanding of your needs
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Please rate your experience with our delivery service
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Do you have any general feedback or recommendations on areas you feel we could improve?