A mattress so good we’ve created two of them

Australia’s No.1 selling premium mattress range, the Bellissimo, comes in two variations – the Duo and the Duet. Both offer a choice of three comfort levels – 2000, 4000 and 4000FIRM, ensuring everybody can tailor their own sleep experience to their own preferences or physical needs.

What’s the difference between the Bellissimo Duo and Duet?

The fundamental difference is the support unit of the two piece mattress. The Bellissimo Duo utilises a European latex core in the support unit, with seven zone support system of varied density to individual support each section of your body.

The Bellissimo Duet uses five zone pocket spring technology, unlike the innerspring mattress the pocket spring system has individual and independent cushioning springs encased in ‘pockets’. These pockets minimise partner disturbance and ensures a cooler night’s sleep allowing air to flow through the springs.


The magic ingredient – The Bellissimo Micro Coil – all 4000 of them!

Springs have been used for over one hundred years inside the mattress to provide support. Our revolutionary micro coils are incorporated in the top layers of the mattress to provide comfort for the first time.

There are thousands of tiny coil springs about the size of a dollar welded between two sheets of fabric. The sheets of mini springs, apart from pushing up and down vertically are able to stretch in every direction horizontally. The micro coils are soft cushioning replacement for the foam, gel, visco or latex used by manufacturers to create the soft feel on the top of a mattress.

They offer significant advantages. First, they create excellent air flow through the top of the mattress making it more hygienic and the mattress cooler to sleep on. Second, unlike foam and its many variants the new micro coils do not degrade over time. Instead they always bounce back to their original shape and height, which reduces body impressioning in the mattress surface and subsequently creates longer lasting comfort.

Let’s talk comfort – Bellissimo comfort

The construction of the Bellissimo mattress is unique. The Bellissimo range is flexible, enabling the sleeper to personalise their comfort.

The Duo has a seven zone European latex support system which provides firm support for correct spinal alignment. It allows the mattress to contour to your body shape while transferring your weight across its surface, virtually eliminating pressure points and reducing motion transfer across the mattress.


The Duet with its five zone pocket spring support system ensures a cooler sleep with air flowing through the spring unit and breathable materials. Whilst ensuring each area of your body is supported the pocket spring also minimises partner disturbance.

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The Bellissimo range is double sided, doubling the lifespan and giving the same feel on both sides. The removable pillow top allows you to choose your personal comfort level. It can be flipped, rotated and aired out as needed. Experience a top of the world luxurious comfort.

Comfort Guide.

It’s what’s inside that counts.

1. The Removable Pillow Top allows you to customise your comfort and can be flipped, rotated and aired out as needed.
2. Micro Coil Technology – thousands of tiny springs increase airflow and regulate body temperature while sleeping. Increased air circulation creates a fresher, cleaner, healthier, more hygienic and cooler sleep environment.
3. Latex Middle Layer – a middle layer of plush resilient European latex increases the cushioning ability of the removable pillow top.
4. Super Soft Quilting in a diamond pattern with premium stretch fabric makes a sumptuous, luxurious top surface to the mattress.
5. The Double Sided Mattress enables the mattress to contour to the body providing firm support for the back hips and shoulders for correct spinal alignment.
6. Unique Ventilation Systems – at the forefront of the design technology air travels through the entirety of the mattress allowing it to circulate continuously which improves temperature stability and promotes a hygienic sleep environment.
7. The Duo European Seven Zone Latex Core – provides all the benefits of latex, maintaining the lumbar lordosis in the correct posture, preventing the unnatural compression of discs, minimising partner disturbance and providing hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and durable qualities.
8. Five Zone Pocket Spring Support minimises partner disturbance and ensures a cooler sleep allowing air to flow through the springs.
9. High density Box Foam Edge Supports – ensure the enduring nature of the mattress, increase the usable sleeping space and offer long-lasting comfort, preventing the edges from compressing through use.


From head to toe the Bellissimo supports your body with precision

Head & neck zone Shoulder & upper back Lumbar support Pelvic zone Knee zone Lower leg zone Foot & ankle zone

There’s a lot of science that goes into a good night’s sleep

At Makin Mattresses, we’ve come a long way since 1975. With nine retail and six manufacturing locations in Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast, North Brisbane, South Brisbane and Newcastle, we know what’s important when it comes to getting a good night’s rest– comfort and support. All our mattresses are made to last longer and to be the most comfortable and supportive. All this and authentic manufacturers direct pricing.

Makin Mattresses have always subscribed to the theory of by Ralph Waldo Emerson “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door”.

Five years ago our customer surveys told us that one in three people who purchased from Makin Mattresses had done so before or been recommended by a friend. Now it is one in two. Makin Mattresses have achieved this remarkable customer loyalty by manufacturing a better mattress. There’s no wonder we’re Australia’s Largest Independent Mattress Manufacturer. And that one out of two customers have purchased previously or been recommended by a friend.

With over 40 years of mattress making experience, Nobody Makes a Better Mattress, Nobody!

So good, we guarantee the comfort, for 5 years!

Having manufactured over 850,000 mattresses, Makin Mattresses know how to produce a more comfortable longer lasting mattress. We are so confident that we are prepared to back our Bellissimo Duo 4000 | 2000 | 4000Firm & Duet 4000 | 2000 | 4000Firm range with our unique 5 Year Comfort Promise. What does this mean? Well, if in the first five years of owning your mattress your comfort needs change, contact the store you purchased it from and we’ll modify, reconstruct and reconfigure the feel of your Bellissimo mattress for FREE*

*Applicable to original purchaser only. One time FREE offer for first reconstruct/ reconfigure. Certificate must be produced to redeem offer. NOT available to the Bellissimo Duet Medium & Duet Firm mattress range. Please refer to certificate for further details or contact your local store for more information.

The Bellissimo Prices

Bellissimo Duo Latex 4000 Bellissimo Duo Latex 2000 | 4000FIRM Bellissimo Duet Pocket Spring 4000 Bellissimo Duet Pocket Spring 2000 | 4000FIRM
DOUBLE $2,495 $2,395 $2,455 $2,355
QUEEN $2,895 $2,695 $2,695 $2,495
KING $3,495 $3,295 $3,295 $2,995
SUPER-KING $4,295 $4,095 $4,095 $3,895